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Michele De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina

1951 & 1935 (Italy) Working as an architect since 1973, Michele de Luchhi has designed and restored buildings around the world in his own bold, and inimitable, style. At the same time as de Luchhi in Florence, Giancarlo Fassina was studying in Milan and would go on to be associated with the radical Anti-design movement. Together these Italian architects would design a sequence of lamps for lighting company Artemide and be awarded the prestigious Compasso d'Oro award for Italian industrial design. de Luchhi's diverse, but highly personal work and Fassina's avant-garde background combined to create an icon of modern Italian design. The pair are renowned for opposing the excesses they saw in design of the period, and for using multidisciplinary insights to produce socially responsive design."Designing an environment does not mean to place walls, but to go for a particular atmosphere. The type of atmosphere depends on the light, and light is created by lamps, and lamps are sculptures...All these design activities cannot be separate."

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